Can I get a Job in Korea, in 'X' industry?

This question comes up all the time on Quora or Ex-pat Facebook groups.

This one was quite specific, and some good choices for a Job in Korea here. So, I thought I would post it here, as it will no doubt, come up again, and again!

The Question?

Can I find a job in Korea in these fields:

  • – Customer Relationship Management Manager
  • – SEO Project Manager
  • – Event Project Manager
  • – Communication Manager
  • – Brand manager/product Manager
  • – E-commerce Manager

Thank you for your answers !:)

My Answer

If your Korean ability is not good it may be more difficult to get a job in Korea. Many employers feel that they will struggle to communicate with you even if your work is in English.

Out of the list of jobs posted, by this person dreaming of landing a job in Korea, these 4 are probably those with a better chance of finding an opportunity – If the target market of the company is your native language, and you have experience in these roles:
– SEO Project Manager
– Brand manager/product Manager
– E-commerce Manager
– Communication Manager

This one possibly, if you have experience and the events are in or aimed at your target audience
– Event Project Manager

This one is less likely in my opinion. I say this because as a CRM manager it is all about the Data, so the fact that you are fluent in another language doesn’t really bring any benefits to the hiring company. Once the leads are in the CRM – It is all just data and segmentation so to a large extent language has no bearing – so why would they choose you over a Korean.
– Customer Relationship Management Manager

I wrote a chapter in my book about this; getting a job in Korea is much like getting a Job anywhere else – If you can provide a benefit then people will hire you. It is more challenging because at the end of the day there will be hesitancy over hiring a non-Korean (Unless that is a perceived requirement/benefit for the role) because… Employers generally want to employ someone who will work like a Korean, behave like a Korean, and communicate like a Korean. Or has experience in Korean companies and culture, and this is a fact. Some companies will see through these obstacles and hire non-Koreans (of course) but this is generally where the hiring mangers head is at.

Often when the question “Can I get a Job in Korea in ‘X’ industry?” is asked it is by people who are outside of Korea and have never been to Korea and it is a dream. if you are serious and have a question – please drop a message on my LinkedIn page and I will try to help.