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Business Relationships in Korea

Koreans often feel a closer bond after they have eaten a meal and drank alcohol together. Although sometimes these gatherings may seem informal they are also used as an opportunity to discuss business in a more relaxed and friendly way.

Uniquely Korean Traits

Jeong (정) is a combination of deep affection, concern, understanding, loyalty, warmth, or an emotional connection to someone or something. 

Getting a Job

Employers generally want to employ someone who will work like a Korean, behave like a Korean, and communicate like a Korean. As a non-Korean showing that you understand Korean companies and culture, is a huge advantage.

What People are saying

Easy to read, interesting and useful insight into business interactions in South Korea. Essential if you are preparing for a meeting, business proposition, or formal social event with Koreans (in any country) but also fascinating for the tourist or student.

Clare H

Respect, Age, and status… understand one of the most significant aspects of Korean culture, stemming from its Confucian roots.

For anyone doing business in Korea this is the real Kimchi!


Jim, J

This book will help YOU do business in Korea

Available now, on your local Amazon store. This book has been sold in Germany, UK, Brazil, Mexico Korea, Japan the USA and more. It is a valuable guide to help you navigate business culture and customs and set you on the path to success.

This book will help YOU do business in Korea